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Bay Laurel Oil

Turkey dominates the global supply of laurel oil, supplying around 80%  of  global  needs.    Production  comes  totally  from wild  plants.  

The  plants  occur  naturally  along 

the  coastlines  of  the  Aegean,  Mediterrean.

Aleppo Soap

There are several types of Aleppo soaps on the market.  The quality of this soap depends on the quantity of laurel oil.  We offer solid Aleppo soaps , in bars of 190gr. from 25% laurel oil content up to 60%. 

Bay Laurel Leaf

Turkish Bay Leaves  grow wild on the hilly mountains of south Turkey in the area around Antakya. Bay Leaves Give good flavor to foods.Regular quality, Extra Quality, Broken Bay Leaves. Packaging: 10, 20 kg 


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